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In the politicial sphere of Assam the Bihpuria Assembly Costituency (No 109) is one of the prominent among the four constituency of Lakhimpur District. Bihpuria stands in the history of Assam with the glory and pride of the birth place of twelve Vaishnavite Saints like Badala Padma Aata, Sri Sri Anirudha Dev etc. It is the birth place of versatile genius saint Madhabdev, who was the best and most adorable follower of saint Sankardev(the preacher of new vaishab religion).Bihpuria is bestowed of natural charming which gives it an extra mark. Nature gives Bihpuria all her beauty at will. In the north, the morning Sun that coming through the beach of Subanshiri river is always charming and marvelous . In the South the rows of low hills in the boarders of Assam-Arunachala Pradesh, its tall plantation , the rivers Dropang, Chessa, Tramjuli and Dihiri etc. spontaneously offer jewels to the constituency.

Bihpuria bears its historical importance with the historical monuments, temple etc like Madhab Dev Than, (letekuphukhuri), Magnowa Dol(Rangati), Petowa Gosai than(Dhalpur), Gohain Kamal ali, Sri Sri anirudha Than( Baghgora), Badula and Belaguri satra(Narayanpur), Budha Bihar, jimachaya Than(Kinapathar) etc.

The constituency is engulfed with many challenges and problems like flood, river bank erosion during high flood period, a mammoth disaster i.e. human-elephant conflict in the boarding areas of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, draught like situation in some areas of Rajgarh, Rangati and in the certain areas of Simaluguri Gaon Panchayat. A brief analysis of natural and geographical strength and weakness of Bihpuria constituency are placed below,

Strength: Bihpuria constituency is blessed with natural beauty and resources. Specially agriculture plays the chief role of revenue earning in this constituency. It experiences plenty of rainfall and posses a fertile land , which is extremely advantageous for cropping. On the other hand , if the water of Subanshiri , Pichala, Dropang river can be transformed into water resources , it can bring a revolution in the field of agriculture in the mentioned areas.

A huge prospect of tourism is awaiting to be welcomed in the evergreen area. In fact it’s a poet’s world. Another great prospect is: by using the positive energy, potentiality and talents of the prominent personalities of different fields , like Education, sports, Acting, Literature Culture and science, we can have a different and new way of life, specially for the new generation, which can bring a revolution by changing the whole scenario of the same. In fact , they are the most prominent functional power of our constituency . It just need the heartfelt corporation and constructive criticism or advices from all the sections of people of our constituency to make the dream come reality.

Weakness: Unfortunately, still a long way to be covered in the field of health care, drinking wateror in the field of technology and transportation system. Specially in the rural areas is still in the primitive stage. Finally we can say,

“And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep” (Robert Forest)

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Our Vision

Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji has given a vision for india-"Sabka Sath Sabka Bikas"

To make this vision our Mision, We will implement the following:

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